Private Lessons


Looking to further an already established acting technique or prepare for an upcoming audition?

The Company’s Private Lessons are second to none, specializing in acting techniques, monologues and audition prep, and theatrical vocal performance.

Private Lessons with The Company take the aspiring actor to the next level, opening doors on what questions to ask within scene study and creation of character, how to present oneself with confidence before, during, and after auditions, and how to tell a story within 16-32 bars of music and beyond.

Private lessons are 50 minutes, scheduled to align with the student’s availability and are priced at $40 per session.

To schedule your Private Lesson, contact Beth McDonnell.

For new students, please complete our Online Registration Form.

The Company Studios:
4151 Crescent Drive
Chester Springs, PA 19425

My son recently took private lessons with Beth McDonnell in hopes of getting some tips on how to audition better. We had such a great experience! Not only is Beth extremely loving and encouraging, but she is so knowledgeable in what she does. She covered so much in the lessons and he learned so much in such a short time, with the most important thing being confidence. He nailed his audition and was given a part in the play. He believes the lessons he had saved him and are why he did so well and got the part. My son and I both highly recommend private lessons with Beth! You really can’t go wrong!

Hillary Norcia

I scheduled a lesson with Beth McDonnell and she was fantastic! She told us what to prepare prior to the lesson so he would get the most out of the hour. She was professional but also very supportive and nurturing. His window of time to practice was not long (3 days) but he was prepared and was cast in the show!

Traci Frederick

I wanted to send a quick note to say what a wonderful addition Beth McDonnell would be to any theater group, particularly one that works with children. I met Beth when she worked with a local theater company and was teaching my 14-year-old daughter. I know that my daughter adores her, and that she learned a lot from Beth. When I asked my daughter why she enjoyed working with Beth, these were her comments: “I learned a lot from her, and she always made it fun. She has so much energy and it makes you want to have energy too. She is nice to everyone and makes everyone feel good about themselves.” I believe the most important gift a theater company can give children is the gift of confidence. Beth knows how to teach theater skills while boosting children’s confidence and making them believe in themselves.

Sue Wakefield

My son, Nathan attended Beth’s classes and was cast in a few performances under the supervision and direction of Beth. Beth has been a great role model for my son with her Broadway performing background. Beth always encouraged all of the children to do their best and shine at every performance – no matter how big or small their roles were. She is loving and kind with all those who she interacts with. However, she has the ability to manage and organize children with patience and love during plays, backstage, classes etc. to create a loving and nurturing environment for them to improve their theater skills and make great memories during performances.

Orsolya Cypert

I would like to send a note of appreciation regarding the private acting lessons for my daughter. As a result of the lessons, she was much more prepared and confident for her first audition. Beth’s ten-year history of Broadway experience along with her enthusiasm and love of working with children certainly brought out the best in her. Moving forward, we plan to invest in these lessons prior to each audition so she can be her most confident self.

Fran Howell, MBA, DNP, APRN, CDE