Acting Class

Group classes are based on enrollment and will be scheduled in alignment with participants’ schedules

If you are interested in a GROUP class, please email Beth McDonnell and fill out the online registration form, electing Group Acting Class.

Two group classes are available, divided by age (Grades 2-6 and Grades 7-12)

Within The Company’s Faculty, we are proud to offer specialized, professional instruction delving into and concentrating on essential performance elements such as monologues, scene study, developing physicality of character, and vocal variance.

Individualized instruction year round is available through Private Lessons

Private lessons with The Company look to establish and enable aspiring performers, tapping into and refining their instincts onstage, building an actor’s toolbox based in strong and reliable technique.

Acting and using your creativity in a classroom setting, in addition to personalized instruction is fun. You develop trust in your coach and cultivate lasting peer friendships while building confidence, public speaking skills, learning to be adaptable and thinking on your feet all as you develop greater self expression. It opens up your imagination and provides a platform to “learn while doing,” enhancing abilities that will carry anyone in most chosen professions.

Becoming a professional actor is also a career many artists hope to achieve and our instructors have the knowledge and experience to work with each student, regardless of training, in the pursuit of that goal. We think honing your craft is of utmost importance to laying the framework and building a strong foundation to have further success with the goal of becoming a working, professional actor.

Education and proper training is what sets a true professional apart from the crowd. Actors need continuous training and steady growth in an effort to make themselves better artists if they strive for a professional career. Our teachers have professional performance backgrounds, some working in NYC for over a decade and others in professional and local venues performing, directing, and working behind the scenes in over a dozen productions each year.

Gaining confidence and having fun, while developing the trust and support from their instructors and fellow classmates is the groundwork to life skills that can carry anyone into a higher sense of self and tenacity. Ultimately our conservatory approach focuses on the technique one is expected to embrace to make smart choices in order to enhance their own abilities and shine as they strive for a professional career upon the stage or in film.

Educational courses and private lessons are held at The Company Studio, located at 4151 Crescent Drive, Chester Springs, PA 19425