About The Company

Our Company consists of lead and support staff members that fulfill each role a theater company needs to successfully produce a show from beginning to end.

  • First-rate Set, Lighting, Properties & Sound Design
  • Scenic Artist
  • Costume Design
  • Professional Graphic Artists
  • Photography and Videography
  • Choreography
  • Music Directors & Conductors / Pianists
  • Stage Management
  • Hair and Makeup Design
  • Seasoned Directors, Asst. Directors, & Producers


We’re On A Mission

The Company’s mission is one that is dedicated to uplifting through the arts. We create collaborative business relationships, find opportunities to work in tandem with local venues, allowing us to develop productions that offer both thought-provoking work and family geared entertainment.

As a traveling production company we strive towards working in partnership with other venues to profit share on artistic projects and theatrical productions.

We also seek out opportunities to be commissioned as either a creative team, or as individuals, on present and future productions within a current or upcoming season. Annually we submit for placement as a team and as individual artists becoming essential team players within a local venue’s creative staff.



How We Will Get There

The Company is a group consisting of talented artists, each with their own strengths and specialties. Each member is a driving force of the team, always striving to bring theatrical arts to the local and surrounding community members.

We currently are seeking opportunities to:

  • Partner to produce shows during dark times as a joint venture, by way of profit sharing
  • The hiring of The Company team members as a whole to work on a production within a current or future season
  • The hiring of The Company team members as individuals for a production that is in need of staff members

Our hope is the bring a new audience, increased profitability, and continued excellence to the venue with which we’ve partnered.